Oops, Accidental Referrals!

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Whats a great problem to have? How about accidentally getting some referrals? :)

I’ve been testing some different list building methods recently and have been showing OTO’s using my Free One Time Offer Script service. I checked some stats and noticed a pleasant surprise…

I pulled in 6 referrals just from showing those offers! At the bottom of each OTO is a little link to the Free OTO Script site (automatically built in with your referral link) that those users clicked and ended up joining.

Unfortunately none of them upgraded, that of course that is just the beginning and the upgrades will come with time.

I thought that was a cool little extra benefit of using Free OTO Script. You can display your own one time offers, plus you also have the chance to pull in some extra referrals and commissions using the system too!

So check out Free OTO Script! After you join, I think you’ll find it a valuable tool in your money making arsenal. Click here to join for free.

Talk to ya later!


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My System For Making 3-10 Sales Every Month

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Say a big thank you to your peers!

I promised that if I had enough comments/tweets in my last blog post, I would willing to share THIS post with you! There’s also a tweet out there, but for whatever reason Tweetme is not counting it. :p

I do need to mention that although I say 3-10 sales per month, it’s actually much higher when you factor in some other things… which I will address in just a moment.

I have to warn you that this is so simple, you may almost not believe it. But this is really all it takes to get your business started online and start making sales.

So here it is, step by step: (more…)

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Lose Weight And Make More Money For The New Year!

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Whoa whoa, so am I some weight loss guru now?!

Nope, I just happen to be very active in trying to live a healthy lifestyle. So if you’re trying to lose weight for the new year, I thought I’d share with you some super simple tips that can help you get there!

  • Starting eating FRESH food. That means no pre-packaged foods!
  • Start reading nutrition labels. But rather than reading how many calories, fat, carbs, and protein it has… read the ingredients list! You would be shocked at how many weird chemicals and unhealthy ingredients are in every day, common foods. I’ve personally found that just being conscious of what you’re puting in your body will slowly influence how you eat. (Special note: There are some ingredients that look scary, but are actually perfectly healthy for you)
  • Trade your favorite beverages for a healthier option. So if you like soda, trade it with fruit juice. Like juice? Drink some water!

And of course, you should always consult a professional before making significant changes in your diet and exercise program. 😛

Ok, so those are my super simple tips for losing some weight… but what does that have to do with making money?

Living a healthier lifestyle gives you more energy, and helps make your mind and body feel better. And when you’re feeling better, you work better!

Simple as that. :)

If you want even more, I’ll tell you how to get 3-10 sales every month (with the potential for a ton more). BUT… you have to leave a comment or tweet this out! And if I get enough, I’ll reveal how. It can be a question about this post and living healthier, or even just a comment saying you want to know how to get those sales. But I want to see you taking action, because that tends to be how you get what you want in life.

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Happy Holidays!

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As we approach another holiday season here in the US, I’d just like remind you that as we work hard to improve our lives, lets always remember to be happy and grateful for the things that we do have!

I think we all have the ability to achieve more and live a life of abundance. However we also have many things in our lives which we can be happy about. So here is a short, incomplete list on just SOME of the things you and I can be happy about. Pick and choose what applies and works for you! :)

  • Friends, Family, and Loved ones – What would life be like without them?
  • A place to live in – better than homeless!
  • Having food to eat every day – a luxury many around the world do NOT have!
  • Being able to walk
  • Having all of your limbs (or even just some of them)
  • Being able to see
  • Having clear water to drink – some countries do not even have this!
  • And many others!

I know all of this stuff seems small because we are expected to have them, but imagine life without some of these “luxuries”! If you have even one thing on this list (or something else I neglected to mention), then you have plenty to be thankful for.

So while this may be the gift giving season for many people, I just want to say lets also be grateful for all the little things that we do have in life. And of course lets also work hard to have a little bit more! :)

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My Best Site Yet – Free One Time Offer Script

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This is the launch that I have probably been the most excited about ever.

And that’s because I think this is the one site that has the most potential to help online business owners finally make some cash online.

It’s called Free One Time Offer Script

Click Here To Get Your Free One Time Offer Script Now!

If there’s anything I’ve discovered after owning my own membership sites these last few years, it is that one time offers work and they can dramatically improve sales. It is such a profitable tool, yet beginner marketers could not get access to it without investing a lot of money and time.

And that’s why I created Free OTO Script.

Even if you don’t have a website or product to sell, you can still use my Free OTO Script system to start showing your own one time offers. And there’s even a Custom OTO system for more experienced marketers that have their own products.

And best of all, there are NO installations or technical knowledge needed because we host the Free OTO Script on our servers!

Any way, check it out and let me know what you think! Just click here now and claim your free one time offer script.

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