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Get YOUR Voice Heard!

11. Aug, 2009 • Categories: Internet Marketing by

Tweet Quick Announcements From Solomon Whoa, tons of stuff happened this past few weeks! If you wanna know why I didn’t post much this past month, make sure to keep reading… One blog reader was kind enough to point out that my optin box in my header doesn’t have a submit button! I still need […]

Using web 2.0 to build your name

27. Mar, 2009 • Categories: Networking by

Tweet It’s funny. I’ve never been a big fan of that fancy web 2.0 stuff like Myspace, Facebook, etc. I hardly ever talk to my old high school buddies on my social networking accounts. It just never really caught on with me personally. Even with blogging, I’m still uncomfortable doing it at times. I started […]

So I was at the SWAT Traffic Seminar…

27. Aug, 2008 • Categories: Fast Action Ads, Internet Marketing, Networking by

Tweet Oh, don’t know what the SWAT Seminar is? It’s actually a seminar offered exclusively to Captain Members of SWAT Traffic. As always, we touched on a lot of subjects, and one of them was if we ever tell anyone about SWAT Traffic! One of the great points I heard was that if you talked […]