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Destined To Fail

30. May, 2013 • Categories: How To, Life, Self Improvement by

Tweet Did you know I’m naturally a bit of a hermit? I’ve never really liked a lot of a attention. I don’t particularly like to talk. Being a somewhat public figure is a weird thought to me. I’m a negative thinker by nature, worried about the worst that can happen. I’m not very creative. It […]

The Power of Creativity and Uniqueness

03. Apr, 2009 • Categories: How To, Internet Marketing by

Tweet I like to study a lot of things about business, like how to increase sales, conversions, blah blah blah. But there IS an aspect that a lot of marketers use, but never talk about. So I’m going to reveal it to you here today (even though the title kind of gives it away). The […]