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I’ve mentioned on numerous occasions through the years about how I managed to have success online in a fairly short period of time. Within 3 months of jumping seriously into traffic exchanges, I managed to start earning a full time income online.

BUT there is a dirty little secret that not many people share…

You must pay your dues to reach success!

Of course there are some exceptions if you’re extremely lucky, but for 99% of people it will take some effort if you want to live a new and improved lifestyle.

One thing I’ve never shared with you is the amount of effort I put in my first few months before launching my first site, Elite Safelist. At the time I was in college, working a part time job, and trying to build my online business. This is literally what my schedule was like:


5:30 AM – Wake up (or at least try to!)

6 AM – Leave for School

7 AM – 7 PM – At School, In Class, Working, Driving  Home, Working On Biz Between All That Other Stuff!

8 PM – 2 AM – Working on my business


All Day – Working on my business as much as humanly possible, with exceptions made for family, holidays, events, etc.


Yes, I was only sleeping a few hours a day at best – no exaggeration. Of course there were the occasional days where I had other stuff to do, but this was literally what I was doing on a daily basis. And there were many times I stayed up until 3 – 5 in the morning.

Today, I can say I live in a way that most people would probably be envious of. Most of my day belongs to me, while my business works for me.

But please do not misunderstand me, I am not asking you to put this much effort daily into your own business. I understand you probably have your own responsibilities and you don’t need to be crazy like I was to succeed. In fact what I did was borderline insane and quite unhealthy too! However, I would like you to realize that if you are not yet achieving the success you had imagined, the odds are you may not have paid your dues yet.

How many hours have you actually worked on your business so far?

And I’m not talking about looking at the computer deciding what to do, where to go, or searching online for another product to buy. But actually working, such as doing research, learning from experts, discovering new strategies/skills, building squeeze pages, getting traffic, brainstorming, etc etc.?

I probably put more effort in 3 months than the average person would do in 1-2 years.


That is perfectly fine!

If it took you 1 year to be able to make a full time income online, would that be ok for you? Would you be happy even if it took you 2 years? Or even 5 years to get out of your job and actually get to spend time doing things you enjoy on a daily basis? A college education is roughly the same amount of time, and all that gets you is a j-o-b!

Success is not a race. I don’t care if you see success in 3 months or 5 years from now, but I want to see you succeed.

So understand that while you do have to pay your dues, and it is all worth the effort in the end. That’s the dirty little secret, but actually it’s not that bad if it means you can wake up with a smile on your face everyday! 🙂

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    Timothy Montoya (1 comments) says:
    11. Jun, 2012   

    would like more advice from someone who is been in the trenches and has that experience to send me some more great advice…
    Timothy Montoya´s last blog post ..TOS AND PRIVACY POLICIES

    Solomon Huey (138 comments) says:
    12. Jun, 2012   

    @Timothy Montoya – Hi Timothy, I always do my best to share tips on how to achieve more. If you aren’t on my mailing list yet, please do so and try to watch for my emails and blog updates.

    In the mean time, check out some of the other posts here, as there is a lot of golden tips that are hidden within this blog! 🙂

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