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The 25 Second Coaching Video

Tweet Your success is all dependent upon your attitude. This video will show you the proper away to approach internet marketing and the obstacles you will face in just 25 seconds: (Note: If the video has trouble playing, refresh the page and click the smaller play button on the bottom left) Tweet

How To Become A Successful Entreprenuer in 3 Steps

10. Nov, 2013 • Categories: How To, Internet Marketing, Self Improvement by

Tweet When you decide to start a business on the internet, you are telling the world you want to be an entrepreneur. Whether it’s making a couple hundreds bucks each month, or a full-time income that will free you from your job … you are taking the reins of your financial success, instead of hoping […]

Mind Voodoo. Collect Referrals And Commissions Like MAGIC!

05. Aug, 2013 • Categories: Affiliate Marketing, How To, Internet Marketing by

Tweet Have you ever wondered how people manage to get boatloads of referrals and commissions almost at will? In some programs I have downlines of 500-1000+ people. I can easily send 50-100 referrals to just about any program. In fact, you can even find me on the public leaderboards at sites like ViralHosts and TezakTrafficPower […]

How To Increase Your Sales and Credibility With Existing Content

01. Jul, 2013 • Categories: How To, Internet Marketing, List Recon, Reviews by

Tweet Recently I was notified of a nice review of List Recon, reviewed by Karen Karo on her blog. Click here to see Karen’s review There are several powerful lessons I’d like to point out about Karen’s efforts and how these types of tactics can easily help you. * Karen uses one of my youtube […]

Destined To Fail

30. May, 2013 • Categories: How To, Life, Self Improvement by

Tweet Did you know I’m naturally a bit of a hermit? I’ve never really liked a lot of a attention. I don’t particularly like to talk. Being a somewhat public figure is a weird thought to me. I’m a negative thinker by nature, worried about the worst that can happen. I’m not very creative. It […]