List Surfing Review – Traffic Exchange and List Builder Relaunch!

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If there’s anything I like, it’s proven owners and unique concepts. =)

List Surfing is one of those extremely unique ideas that also turns out to be extremely effective. It’s a free traffic service that combines the power of traffic exchanges and viral list builders into one cool little system.

I promoted it when it initially launched, and I had some really nice results with it. Well now List Surfing has relaunched with some brand new features! I was very fortunate to get a sneak peak at the new system before it went live.

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First, lets go over some of the original features…

You get “unlimited” traffic for limited effort! Simply surf 50 pages in their traffic exchange system and read 5 emails from their list builder, and your pages will rotate infinitely among other members’ pages for an entire month! That is one of the coolest concepts that I really like, especially if you’re short on time.

Those credits you earn for surfing can also be used in their viral mailer! So if you wanted to surf more than 50 pages, you are welcome to and you get rewarded with additional advertising so you can make more cash.

And of course there’s a great affiliate program built in so you can earn some nice traffic credits and commissions for telling people about List Surfing.

So what’s new?

Well first, the entire site has gotten a very sexy make over! The design is modern and in my opinion a significant improvement. This is great for you as an affiliate and advertiser, because it lends more credibility when a site looks professional. That means more people joining, being active, potentially visiting your websites, and buying from you.

They’ve also added what they call, “Social Brand Immersion”. This allows you to better brand yourself by showing your picture, name, and even an opt-in box when people are viewing sites! People can leave comments about your page and chat with each other as well. This allows you to connect with your audience and even get people talking about your page. I’ve personally found branding and list building to be a couple of my main keys to success, so to see this integrated smoothly into List Surfing will really help members profit in the long run.

They have also added thumbnail surfing. Now you will see previews of a couple of sites and you can select the page you want to see. This has the potential to improve conversions and signups because people are actually selecting to see your page.

Those are some of the main highlights I’m really liking about the new List Surfing, though there is plenty more to enjoy inside after you join.

Of course there is an option to upgrade your membership to a higher level also. Once you join, make sure you take a long look at the upgrade offer, because it really saves you a lot of time and you’ll get some great advertising too. Just click the banner below to get started and increase your profits:

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    Marcel Bijl (1 comments) says:
    03. Sep, 2016   

    Solomon, Signed up under your name at listsurfing. Thanks for taking your time for writing this (good) review. Gives me some good inspiration to fill up my own blog…. Now let’s check that listbuilder thing out. 😉 greets, marcel
    Marcel Bijl´s last blog post ..Home – Programs that really work

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