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Another Google Update!

Tweet Well, it looks like another Google update to their search engine rankings has gone into affect! And it seems like marketers all over are already seeing their websites drop significantly in the rankings. There’s already large and growing threads in many of the popular marketing forums where folks are sharing how far their website […]

Making Cash And Promoting Your Business With Your Blog

18. Sep, 2009 • Categories: Internet Marketing by

Tweet Quick Announcements From Solomon Thanks for the recent comments and tweets. Remember that if you don’t have anything to add with a comment, sending out a tweet is appreciated just as much 🙂 So I finally fixed that optin box at the top right of my blog. Only took me a few months to […]

3 tips for using free credit based safelists

08. Apr, 2009 • Categories: How To, List Building, Website Traffic Generation by

Tweet Free traffic websites like credit based safelists are powerful ways to advertise, especially if you aren’t good at getting website traffic. I don’t really like doing stuff like writing articles, SEO, link building, social bookmarking, adwords, and all those other “traditional” traffic methods. Don’t get me wrong, they work, but those methods aren’t quite […]