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Oh, don’t know what the SWAT Seminar is? It’s actually a seminar offered exclusively to Captain Members of SWAT Traffic. As always, we touched on a lot of subjects, and one of them was if we ever tell anyone about SWAT Traffic! One of the great points I heard was that if you talked to a big celebrity like Michael Jordan, Bill Clinton, or Anthony Robbins, you would tell all your friends about it right?

Well today I was learning directly from some of the best business people I’ve ever had the pleasure of talking to at the SWAT Traffic Seminar! Although it is a traffic exchange, many internet marketing concepts are discussed here on a weekly basis and I’m learning new things that make me more money every time I attend.

So to end this quick “lecture” before I get to why I posted in the first place, you can learn directly from some of the top internet marketers every week at SWAT Traffic for just $20 or a month. I doubt you can find a better deal than that anywhere.

But anyway, my new website Fast Action Ads just hit 1,000 members, and I’m really excited about that since we did it in just under 3 weeks.

That got me really thinking about how much networking has paid off for me recently. At Washington DC, I met the owner of Downline Builder Direct and we’ve been working together lately and that has already resulted in somewhere around 100 sign ups at my website EliteSafelist in the past week. I also may have another potential project with one of my friends that I finally got to meet in DC. Thanks to the several people who helped me launch Fast Action Ads, that site is also growing at a phenomal rate.

I sound like a broken record saying this, but I got my start in this business thanks to meeting people and receiving their help along the way. But what’s even more incredible is that every time I look back, I’m seeing that networking continues to pay off all the time.

I know it’s hard sometimes, but just do it because quite honestly it pays to meet people. And if you’re in business to make money, networking is great for making new friends and earning more cash. 😉

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    Parthena Black (1 comments) says:
    27. Aug, 2008   

    Hi Solomon,

    Congratulations! I would like to let you know that out of all the text ad exchanges and safelists I participate in, yours is the only one where my ads are actually read. I”m very impressed with this. I haven”t had anyone join under me but I have been promoting your site on my Top 100 Board:

    The “rankings” are currently generated from clicks out. I”m considering opening it up to allow visitors to rank the sites and comment on them as the board has that capability but this has its pitfalls, so I”m not sure that I will. I”m showing it on several traffic exchanges and cover the Google ads with an Adsvert bar as I recently found out that it”s against Google policy to show pages with Google ads on TE’s:

    There’s a banner for Adsvert on the board if you”d like to check it out or join.

    Yes, it does pay to network and it can sometimes be used in a negative manner. This was emphasized for me when I moved to Oklahoma, where I learned that it pays to know people. I lost a job to someone who knew someone on the board. I was far better qualified and the Director had fought for me. I’ve never received such an apologetic decline in my life. She was very upset.

    I have found out about a lot of opportunities or methods to help my business just by belonging to TE”s and safelists. I’m not sure how I met you, but I like the fact that you go the extra mile to keep in touch. You”re personable and you have a very contagious “up” energy. Your blog is well-written and informative.

    You might also be interested in a new site for entrepreneurs where you can network and promote. You can add as many websites as you want in your profile. Fast Action Ads is one of the few that I have added in addition to the Top 100 List:

    Yes, I”m a bit of a “tire kicker” at present. I”m looking for the right, legitimate program to support me in retirement. An early retirement would be even better!

    Thanks so much for sharing your knowledge and again, for communicating with your members directly. You are the only one who does that among all of the sites I belong to.

    I’ve been reading “Metaphysical Meditations” by Paramahansa Yogananda again, and this particular quote made a strong impression. I believe that when this is applied to networking, everyone benefits. I am in awe of the vision of the world we could create if we tried to live by this in all areas of our lives:

    “In helping others to succeed I shall find my own prosperity. In the welfare of others I shall find my own well-being.”



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