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I promised that if I had enough comments/tweets in my last blog post, I would willing to share THIS post with you! There’s also a tweet out there, but for whatever reason Tweetme is not counting it. :p

I do need to mention that although I say 3-10 sales per month, it’s actually much higher when you factor in some other things… which I will address in just a moment.

I have to warn you that this is so simple, you may almost not believe it. But this is really all it takes to get your business started online and start making sales.

So here it is, step by step:

  • I use the pre-built squeeze pages and autoresponder series given away for free at List Recon
  • I advertise regularly at all of my favorite traffic exchanges, safelists, and viral list builders (or as much as possible) and of course track my results
  • I’m upgraded at many of the best converting programs. If you can’t afford to upgrade yet, you’ll want to be more active.
  • Watch as my subscriber list grows, people join List Recon under my referral link, and upgrade
  • Repeat

And that process alone scores me about 3-10 sales each month.


That is actually just the sales I’m counting immediately.

As a Free member, your List Recon affiliate link is inside of the free report you give away.

But as an upgraded member of List Recon, you can rebrand ALL of the affilate links inside of the ebook and inside the members area! That equals dozens more opportunities to make even more sales at various quality programs. In many cases these are also residual income sales, which means you could be earning monthly commissions too.

PLUS you are building your subscriber list. That means you can also have an instant audience whenever something exciting comes out that you think can help others.

So now you’re making Front-End Sales, Back-End Sales, Residual Sales, AND planting the seeds for Future Sales!

In reality, 3-10 sales is quite an understatement.

There are a couple of important considerations. First, as I mentioned earlier, I am upgraded at many sites. So if you can’t afford upgrades, you’ll need to be more active. If you can’t be more active, the results may come at a slower pace. That’s ok! Just be willing to put in the work and get as many sales as possible.

Second, I use my own website List Recon as an example, but you can certainly use any proven lead generator and sales system that can deliver results for you. I just like List Recon because it’s my own site and I know for a fact it works. I use the EXACT same content from List Recon that I give away to my members. If you have something that works, definitely stick with it. Just make sure that you have a system that can get all the income potential like what I presented to you above. If you don’t have something like yet, then I suggest using List Recon.

… aaand so that is my big secret! The big secret is that there really is no secret. You just have to go out there and DO IT!

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    Matthias B. Klein (1 comments) says:
    07. Feb, 2012   

    You should mention to yous YOUR Free OTO- Script for the above Autoresponder Series 😉

    Solomon Huey (138 comments) says:
    07. Feb, 2012   

    @Matthias B. Klein – Yup, the possibilities are endless! And come to think of it… I just realized I forgot to mention that you could also easily add some one time offers after people subscribe to your list as well. More front end sales!

    And if any of you need a free one time offer script, check out Matthias’ link 😉

    William Brant (1 comments) says:
    07. Feb, 2012   

    Hey Solo,

    Great advice, and refreshing to see. It seems that most of IM numbers are so over inflated and exaggerated these days, so 3 -10 sales may not sound like a lot to some, but as you mentioned its month after month and it keeps building on its self.

    It takes years to become an over night success, and steady growth, like you mentioned is key.
    William Brant´s last blog post ..Traffic Generation Tips

    Solomon Huey (138 comments) says:
    07. Feb, 2012   

    @William Brant – Hey William long time to see buddy! 🙂

    Yea it seems like so little, but hey even if those 3-10 sales averaged out to $20 each, that’s an improvement over most peoples’ current numbers. And of course there’s the future sales that come along with those.

    Originally Posted By William Brant
    It takes years to become an over night success, and steady growth, like you mentioned is key.

    SO true! Read that statement carefully folks!

    I think it’s perceived that we are some type of miracle, over night successes. But the truth is for most of us, it was simply the result of months or years of effort, trial, and error that brought us to this point.

    Jennifer (2 comments) says:
    13. Feb, 2012   

    Thanks for posting! It really does sound too simple. Keep the great info coming!

    Laura Godin (1 comments) says:
    20. Mar, 2012   

    I was wondering who you’re using to track?
    Laura Godin´s last blog post ..Email Hog clicks

    Solomon Huey (138 comments) says:
    21. Mar, 2012   

    @Laura Godin – I personally like using TE Tool Box

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