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Whats a great problem to have? How about accidentally getting some referrals? 🙂

I’ve been testing some different list building methods recently and have been showing OTO’s using my Free One Time Offer Script service. I checked some stats and noticed a pleasant surprise…

I pulled in 6 referrals just from showing those offers! At the bottom of each OTO is a little link to the Free OTO Script site (automatically built in with your referral link) that those users clicked and ended up joining.

Unfortunately none of them upgraded, that of course that is just the beginning and the upgrades will come with time.

I thought that was a cool little extra benefit of using Free OTO Script. You can display your own one time offers, plus you also have the chance to pull in some extra referrals and commissions using the system too!

So check out Free OTO Script! After you join, I think you’ll find it a valuable tool in your money making arsenal. Click here to join for free.

Talk to ya later!


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    Richard Harrington (3 comments) says:
    07. Mar, 2012   

    The Free One Time Offer Scripts Really do help grow your business and helps others grow theirs What a wonderful concept!

    Comment Tags: Offer, One, Time
    Richard Harrington (3 comments) says:
    13. Mar, 2012   

    This is the best blog and best business on the Internet today. I know it has to be advertised more so I am here to help and so should you be helping.
    Great Job Solomon Huey!

    Comment Tags: Offer, One, Time
    Solomon Huey (138 comments) says:
    13. Mar, 2012   

    @Richard Harrington – Thanks a lot Richard, every bit helps! I’ll try my best to keep delivering and helping where I can 🙂

    martha (1 comments) says:
    11. Apr, 2012   

    i have always wondered about those one time offers and how effective they are.The thing that worries me about them is that I know a lot of people who just skip them cause they think they are scams how do you avoid that happening
    martha´s last blog post ..Daily Earnings Update 4/11/12

    Solomon Huey (138 comments) says:
    12. Apr, 2012   

    @martha – Great question. There will always be people who are skeptical about everything, not just internet marketing or one time offers.

    Rather than focusing on the naysayers, I would much rather focus on the people who believe in themselves to make something positive happen and educate the people who have not yet made a decision. So regarding “avoiding” that from happening, I suggest not worrying about them. 🙂

    HOWEVER, I have always found that by providing quality products and services ultimately turns people into long term customers.

    For example, subscribers who have been with me for awhile know that my initial OTOs are REAL one time offers. I really do almost never show that same offer again except under special circumstances. So if they believe I offer great products and I am true to my word about a special offer, they are more likely to make that purchase.

    And even in this scenario, you’ll notice that I’m not really concerned about the people who think it might be a scam. I feel by simply providing a great product and staying true to my word, the main concern I have is making sure my current customers and subscribers continue to enjoy what I offer.

    Hopefully this addresses some of your concerns!

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