Solomon Huey v. Mike Filsaime?


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Wow, so have I gone completely nuts and plan to destroy Mike Filsaime? Well not quite…

Actually, I wrote a great little e-book that teaches you how to network online. As some of you know, I literally came up from being a complete zero to having two of my own (some would say successful) websites.

The one thing I did that I attribute the majority of my success to, is networking online. The fact is that no matter how much you know or are willing to learn, nothing is more valuable than learning directly from the people that make money.

Regardless of how many ebooks you read, you can never replace the value you get from learning directly from a true expert.

As someone who just broke out onto the scene recently, I understand that it’s not easy to just start meeting people. There are concerns that we have, and quite frankly we don’t want to look stupid! 🙂

So on the tip and suggestion of Jon Olson I created a free report, “Zero To Internet Marketing Hero”, which shows you how I approach networking online.

Do yourself this favor and check it out. It can be a life changing experience for you. I know it has been for me.

Click Here to Get Your FREE Copy of “Zero to Internet Marketing Hero”.

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    Marc Eglon (1 comments) says:
    16. Sep, 2008   

    That’s great advice Solomon. I’ve been dabbling with online business for around a year with some success as an affilliate but I know that netwrorking is the key to really breaking through and I’m about to launch my own site very soon. Can’t wait to get my teeth into this ebook to see what I can use.


    16. Sep, 2008   

    Thanks Marc I hope the report will be helpful to everyone that reads it. 🙂

    Sue Fleckenstein (2 comments) says:
    17. Sep, 2008   

    Hi Solomon,

    Just read your book and it offers some great advice and information. I am using Elite safelist and Fastaction ads and getting some great results for the very first time.

    Looking forward to a prosperous future.

    17. Sep, 2008   

    Great, glad everything is working out for you. Please feel free to drop me some feedback about the report here or at my support desk. I’m always open to adding more useful tips if you all have questions.

    Jonathan Haynes (2 comments) says:
    18. Sep, 2008   

    Nice job on your ebook Solomon. It is certainly full of great information, and spells everything out very efficiently in a well organized and easy to follow format.

    Ragnar (2 comments) says:
    19. Oct, 2008   

    And here I thought you were gonna take him on in a fist fight… Just kidding, good advice Solomon.

    Solomon Huey (138 comments) says:
    20. Oct, 2008   

    Thanks Ragnar. Wow I just realized I never actually mentioned WHY I titled it that way. For those of you who don’t know, I announced my ebook around the same time that Mike Filsaime launched Traffic Fusion. 😛

    Bo (1 comments) says:
    27. Dec, 2008   

    Great book. I am using it as a give away for people who sign up for my newsletter and it is pulling much better sign ups then some of the other books I use. Right now I get better results with your book as a giveaway then what I am getting with Jon’s book. Thanks for taking the time to write it.

    Bo Tipton
    The Ornery Marketer

    Bo´s last blog post..The Number One Reason That People Fail On The Internet

    Solomon Huey (138 comments) says:
    28. Dec, 2008   

    Glad to hear you’re doing well with it! That means everyone reading this should sign up and upgrade for!

    Haha just kidding. But seriously, I really tried to make sure it was a guide that could help a lot of people. I hope your success so far encourages more people to take action.

    Ed Cosgrove (1 comments) says:
    08. May, 2011   

    interesting points Solomon. I look forward to touching base with you.

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