Internet Marketing is Still EXACTLY the Same!


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Ok, so I just got done reading a brand new course by one of the legends of Internet Marketing. Want to know who? Keep reading. 🙂

So what I did was I bought the course, dove in, dissected it, and honestly I couldn’t believe what I discovered. After 10 years of Internet Marketing … NOTHING has changed! Let me explain.

The average person struggles with Internet Marketing and earning an income online, maybe you can relate. And it seems like every week, the newest latest greatest idea comes along and someone tries to sell you the new way to succeed online.

But what I discovered today is that literally nothing has changed! The secret to making money online is still exactly the same as it was 10 years ago. Yes, there’s new technology and there’s new websites. But if you follow the basic formula to success, you will continue to make money online no matter what comes around in the future! If you ask me, that is incredibly good news.

That’s why the biggest names in Internet Marketing continue to do well no matter what happens in this industry. So who is this legend?

Marlon Sanders.

This guy is one of the biggest and most respected names in Internet Marketing. Marlon is quite literally a pioneer of Internet Marketing, popularizing many of today’s strategies that we use today.

Do you think earning 6 figures with one info product is awesome?

Imagine yourself doing that 29 times using one simple formula! Plus this same magic formula will let you practically snap your fingers for massive pay days several times a month!

That’s what Marlon Sanders has done for the last decade!

Marlon’s new system is called the Ockham Razor Income System. It’s absolutely groundbreaking because it reveals everything you ever needed to know about succeeding online. Think I’m exaggerating? He goes into amazing detail about…

  • Massive, targeted website traffic
  • Erasing your advertising costs
  • How to find buying customers
  • Building your list
  • How to make money from your list
  • How to find a hot, hungry market
  • The secret formula to “super-sized bonus jackpot paydays” several times a month
  • And much more!

Oh, and did I mention the list above is only about 1/3 of the Ockham Razor Income System? Imagine what the rest will uncover!

=> Click Here and Get the Ockham Razor Income System Now

The Ockham Razor Income System reveals secrets from one of the most respected pioneers of Internet Marketing. This isn’t some new theory that some random person thought up a week ago. It’s a time tested, proven system that has been used by the best Internet Marketers in the world for the last decade. Get the secrets straight from one of the best.

Now you can finally start succeeding online and enjoying life like you should. =)

I know I’ve been calling this thing a system or course, so you might be thinking this thing costs thousands of dollars. Well I’ll tell you, it should cost that much but it doesn’t. You can thank me later for sharing this with you, but first check out the Ockham Razor Income System by Marlon Sanders right now:

=> Click Here and Get the Ockham Razor Income System Now

After you purchase and review it, let everyone know what you think about it by leaving a comment. Or even if you’ve just had a great experience with Marlon Sanders before, feel free to share that too! I love to hear cool stories 🙂

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    Jeff Paul Scam (1 comments) says:
    16. Feb, 2009   

    Great article. I guess the only difference between a traditional marketer and an internet marketer is that traditional marketer talk and internet marketers listen

    Niche Marketing for Newbies (1 comments) says:
    17. Feb, 2009   

    You’ve given me some useful insights – thanks!

    Jeff Paul Internet Business (1 comments) says:
    18. Feb, 2009   

    I have read many posts but I feel that many people show off their techniques and products but actually do not completely reveal their secrets.

    Solomon Huey (138 comments) says:
    18. Feb, 2009   

    Originally Posted By Jeff Paul Internet Business
    I have read many posts but I feel that many people show off their techniques and products but actually do not completely reveal their secrets.

    Yeah, that’s definitely true with some products. I have to say though that Marlon’s product truly is a good one and reveals so much stuff I had to take a TON of notes because there was so much great info.

    There’s a lot of products where I’ll literally only learn a couple of things, but the Ockham Razor Income System just flooded my head with tons of great stuff that will really help me out long term.

    In fact…I’m actually using some of his stuff right now and seeing results already 😉

    Bo Tipton (12 comments) says:
    23. Feb, 2009   

    You are right how to make sales have not changed that much over the years. The tools we use especially with the advent of the Internet have changed and continue to change.

    I first got started selling information products from my kitchen table using small newspaper ads before their was an Internet.

    Many of the products we sold were not near the quality of what you see today with digital products but the content in many cases was the same and have been used for years to build successful businesses.

    I look forward to going through the course. Investing in our own education is important and from what you have said this is a good product to do that with. Thanks for letting me know about it.

    Bo Tipton
    The Ornery Marketer

    Bo Tipton´s last blog post..Time For The Answer To Are The Internet Gurus Lying

    Solomon Huey (138 comments) says:
    23. Feb, 2009   

    I think I’ve raved about it enough , so I’ll just say it rocks and hope some buyers come out and share their thoughts with everyone!

    Barbara Chapman (2 comments) says:
    04. Mar, 2009   

    As you say, the technology might change, but the basic principles will stay the same – I’m sure even ancient man was ‘marketing’ in the same way ie. talking and listening, it just took him a whole lot longer to get to his target market!

    Daniel Craig (1 comments) says:
    05. Mar, 2009   

    Hey I really like your material, I’ve been a long time reader I can’t wait for more!

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