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Walt Bayliss and Mark Evans have launched a brand new site that puts viral marketing to shame – if that’s even possible. =)

In fact, after sending my first ad (as an upgraded member) I already got 39 likes on Facebook and pulled in 5 new subscribers!

UPDATE: So far this month (almost half way through September), this has gotten me TWICE the number of subscribers as my next best advertising resource!

It’s called Totally Tweetable. Click here to join now for free.

Click here to
Imagine sending an email to hundreds or even thousands of people in minutes, getting you instant website traffic

BUT there’s a catch…

When advertising use Totally Tweetable, for every person that visits your website, they can also TWEET about your website to their Twitter followers! AND they can like your website on their facebook account. Imagine someone with 1,000 followers on Twitter or 1,000 friends on facebook happens to see your website, and decides to share it…

Suddenly that one friendly share has resulted in potentially up to 1,000 people seeing YOUR website and maybe buying something from you.

That’s an example of social and viral marketing working its magic for you.

AND then (yes, not finished yet!), some of those tweets and facebook likes could potentially get shared by their friends too, making your viral marketing campaign go viral again.

Your earning ability literally sky rockets to insane potential just by using Totally Tweetable.

It’s kind of like making viral marketing going viral again, so to speak. 🙂

Sometimes it’s hard to get people to share or tweet about your website. But with Totally Tweetable, now people will actually be excited to share your sites.

The power of this may be hard to follow, but that just shows how insanely fast your advertisements could be spreading across the internet – building your list and growing your sales like wildfire.

Oh and after you join, of course there will be a great offer that will help you discover how to supercharge your advertising to truly take advantage of viral marketing in the biggest way possible.

Walt has launched several extremely popular programs in the past. And he even made quick changes to the site days after the launch when hearing some feedback from users and owners alike. He has a proven history of delivering results, and he has truly shown that he cares about delivering you a great, profitable experience.

I’m already getting some stellar numbers and viral marketing thanks to Totally Tweetable. And I would love to see you get similar or even better results than myself.

Become a member now for free below. And as I mentioned earlier, after you join watch out for the option to customize your membership:

Click here to

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    Cristina Munoz (1 comments) says:
    16. Sep, 2011   

    Hi Solomon,

    Cristina Munoz here from Australia and I think Totally Tweetable is ingenious.

    Wanted to leave a quick comment as I discovered a trick to using TT that not many members are doing, so I recorded a couple of videos showing the trick which you are welcome to check out at:-

    I would imagine you are already doing this trick but if not I hope it helps you.

    Cristina Munoz

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