So Many Products… What Should I Buy?


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As Internet Marketers, especially when we first start out, one of the biggest difficulties is figuring out what to buy. After all, you may not have even figured out what you want to do yet!

If you have a business model that you do, such as article marketing, product creation, affiliate marketer, etc, then simply buy the products that apply to your area of specialty. Stick with what you do, because buying anything else doesn’t really make sense. This allows you to create an area of specialty, so you can become great at what you do.

Let’s use article marketing as an example. Products that you would buy probably include things like copy writing, how to product articles fast, or rewriting tools. Those make sense as investments, because it applies to what you’re doing now. This will help you improve on your basic skills so you can earn more money in the future.

Now, if you don’t know what you want to do to make money online yet, I’m going to be upfront and brutal about this. You are going to have to experiment a lot to find what you want to do, and that usually means you’re going to have to spend some money on a lot of different products.

I can tell you that I’ve bought thousands of different products, trying to find out how I could make money online. Most likely, you’ll have to spend some money and a lot of time to really find out what you like to do or are good at.

Now that might sound like bad news, but it’s good because that means you are getting closer and closer to success. You can’t give up because the next thing you buy could be “the one”.

Even today, I literally buy around a 15-30 products every month, educating myself on different aspects of business.

So yes, I’m basically telling you to buy a lot of products. But it doesn’t mean to buy them blindly. Look at the sales page and make sure it’s something you might want to do. But most importantly, make sure it’s not some get rich quick scheme, because those usually don’t work.

Don’t fall for the sales pitches that say you can make $10,000 a month tomorrow with no work. If you want to run a successful business, it will take work. So claims like that are big warning signs. Yes, people can make money very quickly with some products, but there’s a difference between a testimonial or case study, versus them claiming you will be rich in a few days.

So yeah, I’m going to be cruel and honest, and tell you to buy products that interest you. But also, make sure to take action with the products you purchase! Don’t just read it and then put it away, because that would be a waste of money. However if you plan to use it, you would be shocked out how much you learn about Internet Marketing.

Okay, enough babbling from me. Get back to work and make some money! 🙂

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    Caroline Schukraft (5 comments) says:
    22. Nov, 2008   

    I must be doing something right because I have bought often on line. And boy do I have so much reading, studying and discovering to do. It does take much of my time. And making a scheduled time for it is so important.

    Self improvement in any aspect of life is a good idea. One can truely get to know themselves. And learning what you truely like to do is something special.

    I enjoy reading “Chicken Soup For the Soul” to motivate and inspirer. That prepares and refreshes my mind so it is clear. And being refreshed, makes it easy to read the e-books. Having a refreshed sprit and a focused goal creates ease when one has to study and consider ways of putting the knowelge to use. Some may or may not be suited for me. Its ok to disagree. It isn’t always about money. For example (and I am not going to say where I got this information) But someone once said “They never purchase any type of liquid vitamin or products of that type on line” They claimed those products could be purchase at the local health stores. Sure they could. The minute I heard that I could not consider the program. I beleive we as internet marketers should support each other. And if I need a liguid vitamin I will be purchasing it from an internet marketer. They are our livelyhood, potential customers and business partners.

    I mean I could have easily said I am going to the library to get all the information provided by that business. Who needs to buy and e-book on line? I can get the same information at the library. Well we do! We need to stick together. We are keeping our business alive.
    Getting involved with someone who has such a closed mind is not for me. It may be for someone else but not for me. I don’t care how much money is in it.

    I learned something about myself. Life is a learning experience. And no-matter where you do business, one should not advise to sabotage the industry. If more of us stuck together there would be a much better success rate to people working on line.

    We would all be earning much more if we kept that in mind when we consider purchases.

    I plan on giving my downline in my primary business gift certificates. And some a gift of a Domain name. I think all the TE’s and Safelists should consider selling gift certificates to the programs. After all the holidays are coming. What better gifts are there to give to people working on line?

    Lets stick together.

    I liked your advice again Solomon. I think it to be very wise. There are many free products people online can put to use if they cannot buy, and there are ways of earning that have no start up cost. I found that out by shopping around. So shop around. You may just find what you truely are looking for.

    God Bless You and Yours,


    Solomon Huey (138 comments) says:
    22. Nov, 2008   

    Very good point about supporting each other Caroline. If one of my fellow Internet Marketers recommend a product that I want, I will always buy it from their referral link.

    I want to support them and hope that others will do the same for me as well. It gives us all a greater chance to reach our income goals as entrepreneurs.

    Caroline Schukraft (5 comments) says:
    15. Feb, 2009   

    I realize a person as yourself could be bomarded with offers, but just knowing that you agree to stick together is Great News.
    I would like to start a Blog or maybe you could, about “What is on your shopping list this week?”
    Many of us are so busy We don’t have the time to take to truely consider what are members or upline are promoting. But if there is a listing of such Items Maybe the industry will prevail.
    I just bought coffee on line. And I always buy my Avon on line. The things we need and want are out there. And many of our downline and upline members sell it. So why not support them? We are keeping the industry alive. three cheers to you.
    Take Care,

    Solomon Huey (138 comments) says:
    18. Feb, 2009   

    Originally Posted By Caroline Schukraft
    I would like to start a Blog or maybe you could, about “What is on your shopping list this week?”

    I don’t think I’d have time to do something like that. So feel free to go for it. 🙂

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