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As a safelist owner, I’m very critical when looking at other similar sites, because if I’m going to recommend one, I want to be confident it will get you results and help you make more money.

My own site, EliteSafelist, is considered one of the best in many circles, ranked highly by multiple sites such as Affiliate Funnel, Safelist Rankings, and Traffic Hoopla. So it’s fair to say I understand what works and what doesn’t.

So when my buddy Mike Coursey told me he was launching a new credit based safelist, Quality Safelist, I was very excited!

=> Click here to see the quality yourself

But I was also concerned because I’ve seen so many safelists inevitably fail because I knew they wouldn’t be able to sustain activity.

I examined Quality Safelist and even grilled Mike with a few questions. I wanted to make sure his site lives up to the name, and this is what I found:

* Quality Safelist has all the best features you want that increase profits, like credit based mailings, banner ads, text ads, downline builder, and more

* I analyzed the membership levels to ensure it’s set up for long term results – and it’s set up well, which increases your chance of making more money

* Mike already owns other successful sites. He already knows how add members, which means you can consistently count on new people to advertise to!

* advertising sites are known to have amazing, amazing results in big launches with the rush of new people joining – expect that to happen here so I recommend you take advantage and profit from the excitement

* I also get to give you an additional 10,000 credits! This offer is limited though, so it may be expired by the time you read this. So hurry just in case! (just use the promo code D9ADDDF5B9 in the member’s area)

* And much more!

=> Take advantage of the rush!

As I’m sure you guessed, overall I’m very pleased with what I found at Quality Safelist.

It’s free to join, and of course there are some killer upgrade options available too.

As I always recommend, take a careful look at it, because you’re going to see an insane discount offer that will help you improve your results and save you time.

Ok enough rambling from me, join Quality Safelist now and see firsthand why this will be a great place for you to make more money from your online business =)

Check out Quality Safelist below:

Click here to  join Quality Safelist

Click Here Now To Join Quality Safelist

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    Mary (1 comments) says:
    15. Jul, 2010   

    I just joined today, sent an email to the list, and I have already received 4 referrals.I have to say it is promising to be a responsive list. Only time will tell though. Right now I give Quality Safelist 2 thumbs up.

    Solomon Huey (138 comments) says:
    16. Jul, 2010   

    Wow Mary glad to hear it’s started off well for you!

    Thanks for taking the time to drop by and let everyone know about your success 🙂

    Doug (1 comments) says:
    16. Jul, 2010   

    Wow-Mary must have mailed long after I joined- I only had 11 people open the link-and no results.

    I am all for helping out someone with a Launch- I had a few good people help me- but when every one send out these glowing reports about how this is going to change the industry blah blah blah-come on-

    Tell the truth sometimes- bet it works just as well.

    This is the same script as 100 others, with the same pitfalls and advantages of a 100 others.

    He gives way less to free members then his competition in the same size and age, but because of the name and the JV partners he will find a large group of unmiformed and therefore be successful.

    That is a true review-and would get me lots of sign ups from my list.
    Ii just do not promote things that treat Free members so badly in order to make them think they must spend money.

    Everything this safe list as can be got for free at many places (see my downline builder) -Free html-2 mailing a day – from lists that are as reponsive as any out there.

    Solomon Huey (138 comments) says:
    17. Jul, 2010   

    Hi Doug, it’s entirely possible but no way to tell I suppose! Remember that there is a lot to consider, such as your subject line, ad copy, and the website you’re advertising.

    Actually I’m not sure if you read any of my reviews, but none of them mention Mike’s site will “change the industry” or anything of the sort. 🙂

    Same script, different owner. Often times that is what separates a successful site from the rest, and I mention this in almost every launch because it’s the truth.

    As an owner myself, I definitely feel the features given to everyone is fair, because at some point you have to consider the long term health of the site, which I also mention in the review. 🙂

    And of course if you truly still don’t like this (or any other site), I encourage you to remove your account. I’m sure Mike or any other owner won’t have any hard feelings.

    Hopefully that helps you out some!

    17. Jul, 2010   

    I have to agree with Doug-

    The site is nice and well done and thanks to the JV partners it should be successful as for membership. But to be honest nothing different from the others besides giving less to free members like Doug said-

    In my personal opinion you do what you feel is best for you so I have no problem with this. Sure, I’m not upgrading as well. 😉

    Solomon Huey (138 comments) says:
    19. Jul, 2010   

    Hi Jose,

    The biggest difference will always be the ownership. For example, thanks to JV partners the site has a better chance of success. But how do you acquire JV partners? That’s because of the owner.

    It’s also why there are tons of safelists and traffic exchanges out there running on the same scripts, but only a few of them actually produce solid results for their members.

    But as long as you’re tracking your advertising and know which sites are getting you the best return, those are the sites you should most consider for upgrades.

    It shouldn’t be able about what script it’s on, your results are all that matters.

    In fact, some of us owners even disagree on which sites to upgrade in because we get different results at different places, haha. But it’s about finding what converts the best for our own businesses. And the same should go for everyone else too. 🙂

    mugwort (1 comments) says:
    02. Feb, 2011   

    If Solomon Huey recommends a safe list, specifically http://www.qualitysafelist.com its good enough for me.

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