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I’m going “out of the box” here today because there is no big launch today. In fact what I’ve got for you is even better…


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Usually when a new site launches, we’re all taking a gamble on whether it will convert well or not. That’s why I tend to stick with great owners because they will make sure it works.

And that is why I’m really liking this new site from Jon Nastor called List Bonus!

On my very first mailing I raked in 7 new subscribers, even though the site is already over 3 months old! This is truly powerful because that indicates even after the launch excitement is over, the advertising is STILL converting!

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Of course there’s all kinds of cool stuff you get too like:

* 1500 instant mailing credits from a cool list builder

* nice commissions when someone in your downline upgrades

* automatically builds many downlines at the same time

* of course most importantly a great mailer that will help boost your profits

* a whole bunch more surprises

* and it’s free to join

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Oh and no big surprise here, but there will be an option to customize your membership when you join. There are some very nice perks for being an upgraded member too

A couple of my favorite upgraded features are login ads, which in my experience have converted extremely well for me at various sites. Members will see these ads when they log into their account, and it’s really hard not to pay attention to them. That means more people looking at your ads.

Upgraded members also get access to Top Member Ads, which are simply text ads displayed in the members area.

And of course the biggest reason to upgrade… you get to mail more often and to more people. 🙂 And that’s on top of lots of other cool extras too, but I can’t spoil all the surprised for you.

Of course it will be at a great discount too, so look for it and you’ll see why so many people are upgrading too. =)

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It’s exciting that I’m not the only one saying List Bonus converts. Even other owners I know have been raving about the results they are getting. Since your membership is free, I would suggest you at least check it out for yourself.

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    Bonnie (4 comments) says:
    15. Jul, 2011   

    I love your review of List bonus I am already a member and have been since it came online… It is a great program so to anybody who needs a boost in traffic… Listbonus is it..
    Bonnie´s last blog post ..5 huge copywriting errors you are STILL making! And it’s costing you BIG!

    Solomon Huey (138 comments) says:
    15. Jul, 2011   

    Hey Bonnie thanks for adding your experiences with List Bonus. It has been one of my top converters so far this month, so very happy thus far 🙂

    Chris Bazzle (2 comments) says:
    17. Jul, 2011   

    Yeah, list bonus is good. Here are my actual present stats for the program I joined from TEToolbox: 135 hits, 93% unique. But with Elite safelist: 226 hits, with 70% unique. I’ve really been going at this seriously only a week or two.

    Solomon Huey (138 comments) says:
    18. Jul, 2011   

    @Chris Bazzle – Thanks for sharing your stats with us. Keep advertising, tracking your results, and building your list – you are on the right track! 🙂

    Jaye Pause & Brad Webb (1 comments) says:
    18. Jul, 2011   


    You are absolutely correct. A lot of of as Marketers decide very quickly whether or not to support a program when it comes time for it to launch.

    List Bonus has turned into a very hot advertising resource and anyone that is using it will definitely benefit from it.

    So our advice is to get in and upgrade at a level that you can afford so that you can maximize your marketing efforts!

    Solomon Huey (138 comments) says:
    18. Jul, 2011   

    @Jaye Pause & Brad Webb – thanks for dropping by!

    In case any of you reading this don’t know, Jaye and Brad own a high converting viral list builder of their own, so they really know what they’re talking about.

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