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Something absolutely nutty just happened. One of the most valuable services I’ve ever used just added a bunch of powerful features AND decided to make their service free.

It’s called Hitsconnect.

When I first started using traffic exchanges and safelists, I was literally surfing for hours every single day trying to build a business. Maybe you can relate to this. At the end of the day, I was exhausted but I felt good that I was accomplishing something, building my list, blah blah blah!

Then I learned about Hitsconnect and how to track my advertising properly. I discovered that some of the traffic exchanges and safelists that I used daily were not getting me ANY signups! Sure, the sites looked great and there was something I liked about them, but if it isn’t getting me sign ups or sales, I am wasting my time… and you could be too!

I also discovered that one of my squeeze pages was actually converting 3 times better than all the rest of my ads, which allowed me to explode the growth of my lists. I also started discovering which traffic exchanges and safelists were getting me the best results, which let me focus my advertising on the best websites using only my highest converting ads.

When I first started, I would be excited about getting 1 or 2 sign ups to my mailing list in a day. Now my list grows by as much as 50 people in a single day while doing less work than ever. This is thanks to Hitsconnect.

Hitsconnect is a fully featured webpage rotator, banner rotator, and conversion tracking tool all in one. Hitsconnect has saved me so much money and time it’s ridiculous. And I know it can help you too.

Think about how much time and money you can save if:

  • One URL advertises all of your favorite programs. No more updating your urls everywhere.
  • Just one URL rotates all of your banners. No more adding new banners to tons of websites. Just go to Hitsconnect and let it do all the work for you.
  • You know exactly which programs get you the most sign ups and sales, so you don’t waste your time.
  • Track your URLs at your own domain name
  • And MUCH More!

Hitsconnect does all of this and you can join for free.

The conversion tracking is only for upgraded members. I’ve managed to get you a huge 40% discount at Hitsconnect if you upgrade using the link below. I was actually told that the discount is supposed to be 30%, but when I visited my special link, I noticed it was actually 40% off 🙂

Just in case, you should sign up and upgrade right away if you want the discount.

You can visit the salespage to get a better idea of what Hitsconnect does, but to get the discounted upgrade, you need to sign up directly from the link below:

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    Solomon Huey (138 comments) says:
    12. Jan, 2009   

    Special Note For FastActionAds Members:

    Here’s your promo code, “greatblog”! Just log into your FastActionAds account and input this code in the premium advertising section. Remember it’s only good for 48 hours!

    Not a member of FastActionAds? Join by clicking the banner below so you can use the promo code too! 🙂

    Bo Tipton (12 comments) says:
    13. Jan, 2009   


    Very good post and you are right. I have been using HitsConnect for quite some time and it works better then some of the others I tried that cost much more.

    Without tracking every place I advertise and post a link it would be like me going hunting with a blindfold on.

    Anybody advertising anything that is not tracking needs to click on the link in Solomon’s post and start today. It will save you time and money when you only advertise where your advertising works with ads that work.

    Without tracking your advertising you are hunting a gold mind without a map. You might eventually find it if you are lucky but it will take much longer.

    Bo Tipton
    The Ornery Marketer.

    Bo Tipton´s last blog post..The Number One Reason That People Fail On The Internet

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