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You may have heard people talk about the concept of branding in internet marketing. Basically, it means that you build a brand. It could be the brand of your website, your company, or even you.

In fact, I make an effort to brand my websites and myself.

But just why is it so effective at making you money?

Branding means that people know who you are when they see it. And that is 90% of advertising! You WANT people to stop and look when you have something to say.

Building a brand means the spotlight is always on you whenever you show up to the party. It doesn’t matter what you tell people if no one is paying attention! One of my first websites, Elite Safelist, is advertised all over the place. I even see it when I’m doing work on other websites sometimes. If you’re new to internet marketing, you may ignore those ads at first. But when people see it every day or every week without fail, they inevitably start to pay attention to it.

Once people begin to pay attention, your voice begins to be heard… and THAT is your opportunity to turn your brand into something special.

“How do I turn my voice into a powerful message?”

Easy! Offer people something unique and tell them what you can honestly provide them, if they subscribe to your mailing list and pay attention to you.

Some examples:

  • “I’m an experienced marketer who has accomplished ______ using ________. Join my list and uncover my secrets!”
  • “I’ve been joining and reviewing all the hottest new websites. Save yourself the time and money, and let me reveal the sites that are designed to make you money, versus the sites designed to TAKE your money!”
  • “I’m an average ______ (ex. mom, dad, student, construction worker, office lackey, etc) who discovered how to make some extra cash online in my spare time …. from the comfort of my own home! If that sounds interesting to you, I invite you to claim my free profit-making newsletter.”

Take some time, get creative, and market yourself or your business as something special!

What can you offer that is unique? Have questions or need feedback? Got a cool or interesting success story? Leave a comment below and lets brainstorm! 🙂

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    Lena (1 comments) says:
    18. Oct, 2012   

    Thank you for this, it was rather informative. I was almost ready to just give up but thanks to this I think I am ready to learn more about Internet marketing other than just being an affiliate.

    Solomon Huey (138 comments) says:
    19. Oct, 2012   

    @Lena – Thanks I’m so happy you found it helpful! I do believe that one of the “secrets” to being a great affiliate is being more than just another affiliate. Branding can certainly help out with that. 🙂

    Hayley (1 comments) says:
    09. Jan, 2013   

    Brand recognition is one of the most important factors when marketing any business online. A good way to improve this is to use re-marketing for advertising. This is when somebody visits your website (so they already show intent) and go away to other sites but your ads will keep appearing all over their browser reminding them of you again and again. Perfect!

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