1 Step To Making More Sales Online


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I decided to go video style this time! Discover how 1 simple step can help you make more sales online.

Oh… and sorry it’s hard to see the text on the whiteboard. I ended up buying some markers with a larger tip after this! :p

If you found this helpful, please feel free to comment. Also can you also do me a huge huge favor and leave some comments on thumbs ups on my youtube video page too? 🙂

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    Ric Jones (1 comments) says:
    19. Nov, 2010   

    Always great content! Thanks for posting this video….and you are so right. If everyone starting off could find your blog first, there would probably be more success stories!
    Ric Jones´s last blog post ..For My US Readers Only – A Great Coffee Offer

    Justin Ledvina (1 comments) says:
    19. Nov, 2010   

    Great video bro. You were spot on about how even new marketers can use a sales funnel by building a list. I made the mistake of just promoting my affiliate link when I started out.

    Solomon Huey (138 comments) says:
    19. Nov, 2010   

    thanks everyone appreciate the RT’s and comments!

    Justin – I did too! 🙂

    Richard Bligdon (4 comments) says:
    21. Nov, 2010   

    Hey Solomon:

    Great content as always and excellent video which shows what every professional marketer knows:

    (It took me 4 years to learn this! lol)

    you MUST brand yourself,have your own website,with a webform,offering an SLO(“Self Liquidating Offer” learned this from Mike Dillard!),plus an upsell,or 2.

    Stick your affiliate links on your OWN website and/or blog.They’ll sell a lot better!

    Put it this way:I once signed up to get a free Traffic Ebookfrom this guy’s site!I was now on his list and his ebook were full of sales links!

    Smart guy!

    Have a great day!

    Joyce Parker Hyde (2 comments) says:
    29. Nov, 2010   

    Thanks Solomon, I like the simplicity of your presentations. Understanding one key thing at a time is a very good way to learn in this busy-busy medium.

    Solomon Huey (138 comments) says:
    30. Nov, 2010   

    @Richard Bligdon – Thanks Richard, those are some excellent tips too!

    @Joyce Parker Hyde – Yeah, sometimes there is so much to discover it’s nice to just step back and take a simple look at something powerful

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