Covert Messenger Review – Hypnotically Grab Your Blog Visitors Attention

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One of the most important aspects of advertising is often forgotten…

Your ad needs to be seen!

And this is why I’m a big fan of Covert Messenger.

Covert Messenger advances the concept of a pop-up, with a messenger like chat box. It instantly grabs your blog reader’s attention because us frequent computer users are almost compelled to look at chat boxes.

And your sales has the potential to explode when people suddenly being almost forced to look at your ads.

And that’s the true power of Covert Messenger. Of course this being from the IM Wealth Builders team, there are a ton of extra profit-producing features that you can set to customize your ads for maximum cash collection.

If you want the full details, I highly recommend you go check it out here.

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Stop Losing Money

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I just recently paid out commissions for my sites and I’m always excited to see new names collecting their first payments.

But I my hope is to not to just pay you once. I want you to be earning commissions consistently! That’s the difference between having some extra spending cash and experiencing a complete lifestyle change.

When I say lifestyle change, it can even be a few hundred dollars a month. How much would your life change if you knew you would start making just $300 extra each month?

The odds are most online marketers are losing out on a ton of cash by not building the foundation of your business first. Making some cash online is great, but knowing it will come in each and every month is just pure bliss.

Here is how to prevent the cash from leaking out of your pockets before you ever get a chance to see it:

1. Commit – You can’t swim with just your toes in the water. Make the commitment to succeed with internet marketing and dive into the pool. This doesn’t mean to make rash decisions like quitting your day job or spending your life savings. Mentally, you must commit. If you are not committed to success, the odds are you’ll never experience it.

2. Invest In Yourself – Are you willing to skip your favorite tv show to read about money making tactics, traffic generation, list building, or learning basic HTML? Can you dedicate some of your leisure time now to create a lifetime of freedom later? Are you willing to skip out on going out to a pricey dinner or the movies once in a while, so you can pay for that website hosting or autoresponder service that has the potential to pay you back 100x more? Stop throwing away your resources, invest it and make it grow.

3. Discover – Take action and discover what it’s like to be in the trenches. You’ve been educating yourself, now it’s time to test your skills and discover what you have learned. You’re going to see small successes and lots failures. Learn from your mistakes and the experience of others, and continue onward.

Follow those steps and stop losing out on the cash you could be making.

Helpful sites for steps 2 and 3:

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The Truth About Affiliate Marketing

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It seems like lately everyone is in a rush to open their own website. And quite frankly I don’t blame you, because it’s exciting and it seems like anyone that is making money has their own website. Plus it’s never been easier to launch something, because there is no shortage of out-of-the-box scripts that you can purchase and open up for business quickly.

However, I would like you to be aware that owning your own website has its own set of costs and responsibilities.

Here’s a list of just some of the stuff you have to think about as a website owner:

  1. hosting
  2. graphics
  3. advertising
  4. paying commissions
  5. customer support
  6. programming
  7. and plenty more

And after all of that, you might not even be making a profit! If you pay attention, you may notice that for every site with thousands or tens of thousands of members, you will find hundreds of sites with little to no members – and I’d guess most are operating at a loss.

And it is for these reasons, that I am a big big fan of affiliate marketing.

The affiliate commissions I earn each year are actually very competitive with the amount of money I earn at some of my websites!

So while having your own website may seem prestigious and definitely a cool experience, if your main concern is making an income and some healthy profits, there is absolutely nothing wrong or disadvantageous about promoting other peoples’ products as an affiliate.

In fact, it can be just as profitable (if not more), than owning your own website.

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How To Make More Money In 2013

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It’s another new year! Are you ready to blow up your bank account in 2013?! 🙂

So here is my big advice to start off the new year.

With this single statement, I can promise that you will see more change in your life than ever before. I do have to warn you that this change can be flat out scary. I went from virtually no business to a full time income online in just 3 months, simply by the power of this statement…

“Make The Commitment”

Yes, I dare you to make the commitment to work towards a better life. If you look back at last year and are not satisfied with the progress you made, I urge you to take a leap forward and make the commitment.

  • Signing up for 10 good advertising sites is not hard.
  • Most of us can find 30+ minutes a day to view some ads and earn credits. (we spend more time watching tv or surfing the net anyway :P)
  • You have the ability to fill out a good downline builder with your referral links, and earn lots of commissions.
  • You’re more than capable of building your own mailing list, with all the amazing pre-made systems out there created for you.

If you have the ability to do it, you can do it. You simply have to make the commitment to yourself and your loved ones to create positive change in your life.

Here’s to your awesome new year that you are gonna create for yourself!

So tell me, what are you going to do differently in 2013? Share it in the comment section below

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Covert Social Buzz Review – FAST Viral Traffic To Your Blogs

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I don’t recommend being lazy, but being resourceful can work wonders for helping you earn more.

One of the biggest obstacles to being a newer marketer is getting your voice heard, and social marketing is a powerful way to get your content shared all over the internet.

My buddies from the IM Wealth Builders team (Soren, Cindy, and John) have helping both new AND experienced marketers with creative solutions that has resulted in over 35,000 customers seeking out their help.

That’s some serious credibility!

And one of the coolest things to see is YOUR content and links being shared on places like Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and all other other social sites.

Their new product, Covert Social Buzz, helps you get your content shared whether you’re experienced or a complete beginner. I think this will become a must-have tool for internet marketers.

Over 1,000 people have bought this in less than a WEEK, so I think this deserves your attention.

Covert Social Buzz is a powerful wordpress plugin that really puts the spotlight on getting people to SHARE your content.

Here are some of my personal favorite highlights:

  • What REALLY catches peoples’ eyes is that the number of shares actually changes while the visitor is on your blog, naturally drawing their eyes to your sharing buttons. And more shares equal more visitors and more profits.
  • You have the option to show real or fake numbers of shares – with the option to set number ranges and to automatically swap to real numbers once it reaches a certain point. You practically force people to share your content when they see others sharing! (I also like that you have the option to show the real numbers if you prefer)
  • I love that the share button shows the TOTAL number of shares. It makes your blog look much more active when the shares are totaled onto one button rather that divided among the many social networks.
  • Lots of customization options to easily change the look and formatting just the way you want it 🙂
  • And lots more!

My final verdict is that Covert Social Buzz simply a fantastic plugin. As an experienced marketer with over 30,000 subscribers, I can tell you from first-hand experience that social proof and viral marketing can be incredibly lucrative and make you a lot more sales. And what the Covert Social Buzz plugin does, is it taps into the herd mentality that makes people want to share your content, since everyone else is doing it!

And Covert Social Buzz will give you a roaring, rocket-start to getting your blog shared all over the internet.

Covert Social Buzz Review - FAST Viral Traffic To Your Blog
Covert Social Buzz

Click Here To Check Out Covert Social Buzz
And Get People To Automatically Make Your Content Go Viral

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