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Well, it looks like another Google update to their search engine rankings has gone into affect!

And it seems like marketers all over are already seeing their websites drop significantly in the rankings. There’s already large and growing threads in many of the popular marketing forums where folks are sharing how far their website rankings have fell!

I just thought I would take this opportunity to show you yet another reason why I believe so strongly in building your own subscriber list.

This protects your business from being at the mercy of the search engines. So whether you are using SEO, safelist, traffic exchanges, paid advertising, or any other type of traffic generation method, please don’t put all that work to waste!

You never know when that website you’re promoting might go out of business, making your affiliate links pointless. You never know when an owner might just stop paying out commissions (has happened to me a few times and lots of other marketers!). And you never know when your top ranking website might suddenly stop receiving any traffic at all.

Build a customer list that you can bring with you wherever your business takes you.

For building a subscriber list, I like Aweber.

If you need some tools to start you on the way to building your own mailing list, try out my very cool list building and traffic system, List Recon.

Have you been affected by this change or know someone who has? Have a story or comment you want to share? We would love to hear from you!

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    Thor (4 comments) says:
    25. Apr, 2012   

    Thanks for your constant sharing of your useful tips. I hope Google changes won’t affect my blog that hard. I’ve been trying hard to keep it afloat. But yeah, I take it from you, I have to start my personal list building.
    Thor´s last blog post ..Generate Website Traffic With Brand New TABZI Marketing Tools

    Solomon Huey (138 comments) says:
    25. Apr, 2012   

    @Thor – That’s a nice blog you have there Thor!

    You would be surprised how many subscribers you can pull into your mailing list just by placing a little optin box on your blog. 🙂

    My optin box for this blog is not very “in your face” yet it still nets me a nice, constant stream of new subscribers.

    uwinmarketing (1 comments) says:
    25. Apr, 2012   

    Dear Solomon, see how I got this blog on to first place in yahoo, bing and place no.6 in google. In less than a week. What do you think? Any ideas to help me build a list for interested readers??
    uwinmarketing´s last blog post ..Extreme Wealth kicks Off Get in Quick

    Solomon Huey (138 comments) says:
    26. Apr, 2012   

    @uwinmarketing – That’s a great start! One of the easiest ways to build a list is to offer a freebie related to your readers’ topic of interest. It’s also a great way for your readers to hear about your latest posts if they want to know when your blog is updated.

    For example, you seem to talk a lot about new programs, so you could mention that they can hear about the hottest new programs and your thoughts about them.

    I have personally found that great content (targeted towards your niche of course) and a nice freebie will cause a lot of people to subscribe.

    There’s lots of effective ways to build a list, but hopefully this helps get you going in the right direction.

    Birgit Jurock (1 comments) says:
    26. Apr, 2012   

    Hi Solomon, it is disturbing to get hit with new google changes all the time and thank you for updating your readers. I am happy I learned a while ago how important it is to build your own list. I think having all in place and keeping updated will keep us, the bloggers for example still ahead of the crowd.
    Birgit Jurock´s last blog post ..WP Tools for Branding your Site

    Solomon Huey (138 comments) says:
    26. Apr, 2012   

    @Birgit Jurock – Definitely! I do what I can to keep you and your peers up to date on whats going on out there.

    And it’s great to hear you are having some success with your list building. You’re a great example for those just starting out Birgit.

    For anyone reading that doesn’t have an autoresponder yet, get that list started folks. I know it might sound old at this point, but there’s a reason all the top marketers have a subscriber list – it makes money!

    pcmouse (1 comments) says:
    27. Jun, 2012   

    I’ve been so frustrated with google and just don’t understand how they stay at the top for users – I don’t use them any more. I’m hoping someone without the greed they’ve shown will start another SE like they used to be. It was great – now the results are just awful! That’s why I switched but in spite of it all, still miss the old big G. 🙁

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